Fiber Up (16.9 OZ bottle) (Pick your flavor)

Fiber Up (16.9 OZ bottle) (Pick your flavor)

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Fiber Up® (16.9 OZ bottle) (Pick your flavor)

  • Apple Slice
  • Cherry Love
  • Cranberry Crush
  • Lemon Up
  • Lime Shaker
  • Mango Grove
  • Orange Slam
  • Original Rain
  • Peach Dream
  • Strawberry Bite
  • Watermelon Wammy

FIBER UP is the most unique flavored water ever created. Unlike the other flavored waters on the market today, FIBER UP has absolutely no chemicals, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. FIBER UP is the only water of its kind available. FIBER UP offers many health benefits to young and old alike. Consumption of fiber helps reduce the risk of many diseases as stated in thousands of published scientific studies. These studies find fiber helps reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Also, fiber is necessary for proper intestinal function and helps reduce many types of cancer. Fiber also helps stabilize sugars in school-age children thereby improving their behavior and concentration. FIBER UP is not a fruit drink.

When you drink FIBER UP, you are tasting the fruit flavor for a short time and then it will disappear, except for the vibrant color of the fruit extract. You are then drinking the cleanest, crispest water you have ever tasted. Each FIBER UP 16.9 OZ bottle contains seven grams of fiber as well as calcium and vitamin C with zero calories and zero glycemic level.